Top 5 Reasons Not to Hire a Toothless Roofer!

Allen, TX RooferAfter a hail storm, professional traveling roofers (called stormers) will swarm to an area like blood thirsty mosquitos and they will start representing themselves as a local roofer to gain your confidence.  We like to call these guys “Chuck in a Truck.”

When Chuck comes to your town he will mostly likely have out of state plates, a few less teeth than most and live with his other roofer friend, Buck, in a pay-by-the-week hotel.  If he’s really savvy, he’ll change his out of state area code to a local area code to help with the trust factor.  Chuck is here for one thing, money, and he will pressure you into a sale to get whatever he needs.  After your roof is installed – hopefully correctly – you will never see Chuck gain.  (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)

Here are the top 5 reasons  hiring a local roofer is the way to go:

1.  A local roofer is invested in your community and will have to answer to you regarding any roofing issues when you see them at the local grocery store.

2.  A local roofer will have an actual office in your actual town that you can actually go to if you have an issue.

3.  A local roofer will have a warranty that stays in effect long after you see their tail lights drive away.

4.  A local roofer will have insurance through their local agent and the both of them are probably members of the local chamber.

5.  And finally, a local roofer knows where his local dentist is and is more likely to have all of their teeth.  If they can’t take care of their own teeth, why would they spend the time to take care of your roof.

So, when Chuck comes knocking at your door after the next hail storm, smile at him with your pearly whites, shut the door and Google your local roofer!


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