Why should you choose a local roofing company?

Choosing a roofing company can be a hard decision to make for both homeowners and business owners. One thing is for certain, choose a local roofing company.

Here are a reasons why choosing a local company is beneficial…

A local company typically has an office where you can meet their staff and talk to the owner personally. They tend to be involved in their community and have the best interest of the community in mind, especially when conducting business.

Out of town roofers (stormers) are there to make a quick dollar. They follow storms and don’t typically build relationships in communities because they will be gone and off to the next town when the next storm hits. They often prey on homeowners’ fears and lack of roofing knowledge as part of their scam. They tell you that you need a new roof now or your going to have bad water damage the next time it storms. Or they might even convince you to let them make repairs for a fee even when a repair is not necessary or you may actually need a roof replacement.

BHC is a local, reputable roofing company. We take pride in growing our roofing company locally and, as an extra bonus, most of our staff lives in town too! We love being located in downtown Allen and love our historic office that we helped to restore.

When you give us a call, we will schedule a qualified roofer to inspect for damage and report on the findings.  All of this at no cost to the homeowner!  If there is indeed damage, we will also guide you through the insurance and replacement process.

If you have any roofing needs or know someone who does, please give us a call. We are happy to provide local references as well as offer referral incentives.

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