Top 5 Reasons Not to Hire a Toothless Roofer!

Allen, TX RooferAfter a hail storm, professional traveling roofers (called stormers) will swarm to an area like blood thirsty mosquitos and they will start representing themselves as a local roofer to gain your confidence.  We like to call these guys “Chuck in a Truck.”

When Chuck comes to your town he will mostly likely have out of state plates, a few less teeth than most and live with his other roofer friend, Buck, in a pay-by-the-week hotel.  If he’s really savvy, he’ll change his out of state area code to a local area code to help with the trust factor.  Chuck is here for one thing, money, and he will pressure you into a sale to get whatever he needs.  After your roof is installed – hopefully correctly – you will never see Chuck gain.  (This isn’t necessarily a bad thing!)

Here are the top 5 reasons  hiring a local roofer is the way to go:

1.  A local roofer is invested in your community and will have to answer to you regarding any roofing issues when you see them at the local grocery store.

2.  A local roofer will have an actual office in your actual town that you can actually go to if you have an issue.

3.  A local roofer will have a warranty that stays in effect long after you see their tail lights drive away.

4.  A local roofer will have insurance through their local agent and the both of them are probably members of the local chamber.

5.  And finally, a local roofer knows where his local dentist is and is more likely to have all of their teeth.  If they can’t take care of their own teeth, why would they spend the time to take care of your roof.

So, when Chuck comes knocking at your door after the next hail storm, smile at him with your pearly whites, shut the door and Google your local roofer!


Why should you choose a local roofing company?

Choosing a roofing company can be a hard decision to make for both homeowners and business owners. One thing is for certain, choose a local roofing company.

Here are a reasons why choosing a local company is beneficial…

A local company typically has an office where you can meet their staff and talk to the owner personally. They tend to be involved in their community and have the best interest of the community in mind, especially when conducting business.

Out of town roofers (stormers) are there to make a quick dollar. They follow storms and don’t typically build relationships in communities because they will be gone and off to the next town when the next storm hits. They often prey on homeowners’ fears and lack of roofing knowledge as part of their scam. They tell you that you need a new roof now or your going to have bad water damage the next time it storms. Or they might even convince you to let them make repairs for a fee even when a repair is not necessary or you may actually need a roof replacement.

BHC is a local, reputable roofing company. We take pride in growing our roofing company locally and, as an extra bonus, most of our staff lives in town too! We love being located in downtown Allen and love our historic office that we helped to restore.

When you give us a call, we will schedule a qualified roofer to inspect for damage and report on the findings.  All of this at no cost to the homeowner!  If there is indeed damage, we will also guide you through the insurance and replacement process.

If you have any roofing needs or know someone who does, please give us a call. We are happy to provide local references as well as offer referral incentives.

Quick Tips to Maintain Home Value

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3 Easy steps to protect your home from moisture and maintain home value:

Moisture is the #1 enemy to your home. It compromises every structural part of your home and ages it faster than it should. Following these 3 steps will keep moisture at bay and help maintain the value of your home.

  1. Rain: when its raining, look at your gutters. Is there water over flowing or is there water dripping between the gutter and where they are attached to your home? Is there water flowing away from your home? Proper drainage away from your home is key to keeping moisture out of your home.
  2. Storms: After a heavy storm is a great time to inspect your home for imperfections. Check your roof, ceilings, windows, doors and even your attic. Look for accumulation of moisture, pooling of water and any noticeable damage.
  3. Action: Repair any leaks or damage that you may find. If you aren’t sure of what you found, call us. We would be happy to come out and do a FREE inspection to address your concerns. Don’t put it off because a small leak can turn big very quickly and ongoing leaks can erode pipes and fixtures and even cause mold that you won’t notice it’s too late.

We hope that these tips will help you asses your home better against moisture problems. Subscribe to our blog for more helpful household tips.

BHC – Your Trusted Neighborhood Roofing and Construction Company

BHC General Contractors is a roofing and construction company founded in 2009 with a “Commitment to Excellence” in the roofing and construction industry with a focus on all aspects of roofing and general construction. BHC has a strong presence in commercial, residential and multi-family construction, re-construction, roofing, build up, build out, development and restoration. We have grown into many phases of mitigation and remediation of fire, water and biohazard projects. BHC has custom built or remodeled many homes of various sizes and has constructed over 100,000 square feet of light commercial, institutional and office space. BHC is recognized for its high-quality workmanship, custom work and consistent dependability to meet demanding timelines.


BHC specializes in custom work, providing pre-construction, re-construction and construction services. For the client, this means a broad band of help in budgeting, architect selection, design development, and problem solving during the critical early stages of planning; and careful management of the job during the construction period. The company undertakes a broad spectrum of jobs, from new construction, restoration and reconstruction to smaller home construction; from institutional and small commercial construction to multi-family reconstruction and restoration; and including land development. Residential and Commercial restoration work ranges from repairing exterior storm damages to “whole house”, multi-family and commercial rehabilitation, including roof replacement for damaged properties.


BHC is offering complete construction services for remodeling, restoration and new construction to multi-family, commercial and residential properties. In all custom work performed, BHC works closely with the owners, insurance companies, architects and designers to ensure complete satisfaction. Our experience clearly makes a difference. BHC prequalifies all subcontractors, constantly reviews construction methods for quality control and offers ongoing advice for cost savings and quality workmanship to ensure consistent dependable finished product.


BHC thrives on our “Commitment to Excellence” and maintains our commitment to;

• Service

• Quality

• Communication

• Integrity

• Character

• Reputation

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